Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ted Kennedy: The Best Tribute To His Legacy

From MSNB(O)C:

The Democrats don't want to lose this "legacy seat."  They want that 60th vote to shove through the health welfare/spongetherichbutnotinmystate bill.   The Democrats feel this bill is Ted Kennedy's legacy.

Shouldn't his legacy be flotation devices in moving vehicles?  Since GM is government owned now, President Obama can surely make that happen.   Maybe he could put a surtax on millionaire Democrats - like Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.), worth about $244.7 million; Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.), worth about $214.5 million; Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), worth about $209.7 million; and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), worth about $208.8 million. Take 40 percent of their worth- which combined is almost a billion dollars- and give that 300-400 million to GM to install the "Ted Kennedy Memorial Voter Floater".  It's a device that inflates faster than a Kennedy defense team's media machine whenever a car gets driven into a lake.  Of course, it only operates to save your ass if your dad is a kerbillionaire, but hey- it only one life gets saved, it's worth it, right?  Especially if that life belongs to the priveliged- like Ted Kennedy.

I think he would be very proud of the health welfare bill.  With all the under-the-table deals being made, with all the "do unto others but not unto me" power plays being acceded to, Ted would completely support the opportunity it represents.    See?  All these democrats get to be the new Ted Kennedy.

And you and I get to be Mary Jane Kopechne.  

That's 60 votes in favor of Chappaquidick.  Legacy indeed.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Are You Alive? That's ILLEGAL!

Were you born?  Then you OWE the government.

Breathing has a price.  Not the price of having to support yourself.  Not the price of working to pay for your food, shelter, clothing.  

Breathing is a TAXABLE action.  Your heartbeat is TAXABLE.  Your autonomic nervous system OWES THE GOVERNMENT.

And you will be jailed if you don't pay them for the fact that you exist.

Welcome to the New World Order, you sons of bitches.  Now pay up  or else!!!!

Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar.  Rend unto God what belongs to God.  But what if Caesar says he's God, and a bunch of idiots worship him?

Thank you Progressives.  You're beating down the door to hell itself.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Helping the Poor is Poor Help Unless They Help Themselves

We've got to help the poor, right?  The poor poor.  Pity the poor.  Give to the poor.  Help the poor.  Why?  Well...because they're poor.  Who cares WHY they are, just that they are, right?

I say, wrong.  Because you cannot help the poor.

I repeat:  You Cannot Help the Poor.

They can, however, help themselves.  Having been poor, here's what I did to stop being poor:

1.  Provide employers a reason to hire you.   It might be just the muscles of your back and your willingness to use them.   So be it.  You CAN find work.  You may not find the work you dreamed of, but that's why it's called a dream.  When you're awake, face yourself from an employer's point of view.  Judge yourself.  Evaluate yourself.  Would YOU hire YOU, knowing your strengths, weaknesses, and attitude?  Find a reason that employers would hire you.  Then find those employers.  Legal work is good work. What you want to do is not always what's available FOR you to do. So do what's AVAILABLE. It's such a "duh", but still people whine about not finding work. Perhaps it's not finding work YOU WANT.

2.  Be creative in your search.  Anyone can say "I can't."  And they're always right when they say it, even though the usual translation is "I won't."  But if you won't, you certainly can't, so you're still right.  However, if you're a person who says "I will", here are some thoughts:
    a.  Use library computers to job search.
    b.  Don't approach a job application like it's an enemy.  It's a chance.  Use it.  Want it.  Because you NEED it.
    c.  Go in with an attitude.  And make sure it's a damn GOOD one.  If you approach a possible employer in a pissy mood with your problems as your main tool of communication, they could care less.  They have their own problem- finding somebody for a job.  Be the solution of THEIR problem, then you can start fixing your own.  Remember:  your problem is NOT your employer's.
   d.  If you can't find a job where you are,  GET OUT OF THERE.  Don't pigeon hole yourself with a single job/career track, or a single location.   Food doesn't come to you.  You go to it.  Go get that job, even if it means leaving a place where you're comfortable.  Starving, or getting kicked out to the curb, is more uncomfortable than moving. 

3.  Don't buy what you can't afford.  Don't rent what you can't afford.  Learn to do without.   For the love of god, cable TV is NOT better than 40 - 100 dollars worth of groceries.  Or utilities.  Or rent.  Learn to read a book- the library is FULL of them.  And some of those books will help you to learn different skills.  OH- if you're bored in the evening, GET A PART TIME JOB!   Boredom is easily cured by filling your hands with work.   Another "duh" moment.  I've met great people by working with them- and I made money too.  Crazy, huh?  If you can't afford food and shelter, you sure as shit cannot afford a cel phone.  Get real.  And rent to own is for suckers.   Be creative within your own budget.

4.   How about creating your own job, huh?  See a need?  Create a way to fill the need, and see who's willing to pay for it.   Maybe a store has perpetual problems with it's trash containers being unkempt.  Go to the store and offer a service of daily trash clean-up, since their employees are obviously not taking care of it.  Go to the library, find the city codes on business cleanliness, help that store.  That's off the top of my head.  Maybe the apartment owner where you live needs help picking up trash in the parking lot/hallways, or pruning, or lighting, or whatever.  Sure they have a maintenance "crew"- but if it's a consistent problem, maybe YOU can be the solution.  For them, for the other apartment complexes around, etc. etc.  C'mon- think!  What can YOU do to be a solution for them that would make them want to give you money for THAT SOLUTION?  I'm not talking

None of this stuff can be done by others.  It has to be done by YOU.  Being poor doesn't mean being helpless.  It means making tough fiscal decisions, harder than non-poor people have to make, and dealing with YOUR situation rather than bitching about how it's not as good as someone else's.   You're right, it's not.  SO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 

Oh- by the way, that "something" is not stealing from others.  Not even by getting the government to do it for you. 

Now, if you're unemployed because you hate work and it's all b.s. and you'd never get a good job anyway and it's all unfair and everyone is prejudiced against you  and you'd make less money working rather then sucking off the government's teet and blah blah blah, or you're a drunk or a drug addict and work just gets in the way of your next binge/high...then I highly recommend the zero-cost habit of starving.  And sleeping in the street. And all the pleasures you richly deserve as consequences of your choices.

Using Your Rules to Kill You

From Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals":

The fourth rule is: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity."

We face a time of hard decisions:

1.  Do we make prosperity an enemy, and define good only as what you give to those who have not earned it?
2.  Do we allow religions that are antithetical to our country's freedom of religion to grow and become a power here?
3.  Do you wish to control your life and your future, or do you want to hand over that control to someone else?

If you make being self-sufficient a crime, if you punish those who do well for themselves, than you fight the very force that drives people to succeed.  You CREATE dependent masses instead of freeing them.  You are a drug dealer, giving folks the cocaine-rush of "social justice"- which is nothing more than mob looting- and leaving them to starve as junkies until YOU decide they can have their next fix.  Problem is, you have to rob from the rich to get that fix, and when you kill the rich...the junkies will rise up and kill you.  And the sad part is, you're the junkie too.

If a religion says anyone who doesn't believe that religion must be subjugated in this world to the followers of that religion, then that religion is cancer.  It will grow on the face of a society because it appeals to the powerless who, instead of empowering themselves, seek empowerment through subjugating others.  They have already subjugated themselves to the will of their "leaders", and are ready to kill you if you do not agree with them.  They are culture killers as well as people killers.  That religion, and its followers, must be shunned, and must not be allowed to grow.  It's a hard truth.   But you MUST choose to fight them, or accept their subjugation.  That's called reality.

Socialists/Communists/Progressives talk about "the Worker."  They act as if "the Worker" is owed everything.  Strangely, they exclude higher-paid workers from their list of "Workers."   Executives are workers too.  As are engineers.  And physicists.  And CEO's, CFO's, mid-level managers, night shift managers, even company owners.   Yes, owners have to work too, and if they don't currently- they did at one time to pay for the privelidge of inheritance by the recipients of that wealth.  The companies that employ "the Worker?"  Those sources of income are the worst of the lot, according to the Socialists/Communists/Progressives.  See, the S/C/P's despise profit.  Even though profit is what pays the workers, funds the stocks, and pays the pensions.  The S/C/P gangsters hate it because the folks who run the companies, who design systems that create work for the masses, the ones who design the products workers make and the tools workers use, make more income than the Workers who fasten lug nuts onto a wheel, or put boxes on a conveyor belt.  A person who creates the avenues through which money is made is valued more in a company that tries to make a profit.  To the S/C/P gangsters , all work is equally valued, and ergo Henry Ford creating an automobile and an entire industry is of no more value than the guy who welded the radiator Henry Ford's engineer's designed.  As for that value itself, the S/C/P Priests decide what it should be, not the workers.  They, the powerful elite of the Socialist/Communist/Progressive dynasty, the "social engineers".  They live by a different rule, on an alternate reality, because, well, they CREATE the rules and the "reality."  You're just too stupid to understand it, oh mighty Worker.  So do you want control of your life and the value of the hours of your life, or do you wish to give it to the Government- a large group of people who you've most likely never met- because the Government knows what your life is worth much better than you do?   They think you're no better than the worst bum in society.  What do YOU think you're worth?

Hard decisions to be made, and they'll be judged harshly in the future no matter what you do.  So the final analysis is, do you want everyone to have a claim on your life, or do you want your life to be yours to live?  Either choice has repercussions, either choice means somebody won't get all they want.  Which choice gives the individual the best ability to achieve THEIR personal desires.  You know, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?" 

No one guarantees your happiness.  But the Socialist/Communist/Progressive thugs will ensure that your happiness is only equal to what they decide it should be.

Make your choice.  No matter what, you'll live, or die, from the consequences.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thank You Fox...for Nothing.

Aaaah yes, let the wheels of stupidity burn rubber.   As we watch the Liberal press gobble up every drop of Obama's love potion and spin his every step into some grand eloquent stride, as we who use our brain and not our tear glands to think end up turning the dial to get away from their Egor-esque adoration of their Master, Fox News stood for a more lucid, conservative viewpoint and a nice alternative to cooing and sighing over at NBC/ABC/CBS/YOUNAMEIT.

The Liberal press will ignore everything anti-socialist so that they can "Control The Message" - the Obama team's mandate for power- and ergo push forward their own agenda of tax tax tax, enabling self-destructive habits, and awarding the worst of us with what the best of us rightfully earned.   The Liberal Press pushes forward lies- like the 70's global cooling/90's global warming/2000's global climate change- to succor favor with the current Liberal lean.   As long as it's LIBERAL, they'll smear it on their foreheads and chant it in the streets.

Fox was a refreshing change from the unicorns-and-rainbows crowd.  Until what I saw today.

Fox News says:  "We Report, You Decide."   Really?  Where's your report on talk-show host Sean Hannity's using false footage to puff-up the appearance of a rally's number of people?   Where's the interview on how he used footage from a rally two months ago to appear to be a crowd at a rally a few days ago?  Why don't you report that and let us decide?

Oh- because he's on YOUR side.  So you'll conveniently ignore his lie.  Works for the Liberal Press and Obama, so why not you, right?

Of course, Mr. Hannity said it was just a plain old mistake, "inadvertant."   You Report, I'll Decide.  Mr. Hannity, I'm deciding you're lying because you got caught.  I'm deciding you chose to hook those video chunks together for a purpose, and because you were so keen on trying to puff up the piece you "inadvertantly" missed the change of seasons and weather conditions in the videos.   And the fact that other footage so similar it's almost identical ran on 9/12 on another Fox commentator's show.   The only thing "inadvertant" was your lack of eye to detail.  Had nobody noticed, you wouldn't have said a thing.  It's what people with an agenda do, right?  Ignore their own shortcomings and point "over there."

Shame on you, Fox.  Shame.  The report is in, and I've decided.  You've chosen to be as bad as the Liberal press.  Thanks for ignoring my brain.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why Does the Progressive Party Get Support?

Let me share a conversation from a book:

"People don't want to think.  The deeper they get into trouble, the less they want to think.  But by some sort of instinct they feel that they ought to and this makes them feel guilty.  So they'll bless and follow anyone who gives them a justification for not thinking.  Anyone who makes a virtue, a highly intellectual virtue, out of what they know to be their sin, their weakness and their guilt."

"And you propose to pander to that?"

"That is the road to popularity."

I added the red & blue for redstate/bluestate clarity.  Here is how sloth, drug abuse, prostitution, unsupported birthing, and the whole entitlement group came to feel they were superior on a moral and intellectual base (ACORN, anyone?).  The people who bought into this bile were fed lines like "Hope™" and "Change™" and "Yes We Can!™". 

All meaningless, but don't they sound nice? 

Hope is good, right?  People need hope. Poets, politicians, and priests have said it for millenia.  Sure- BUT HOPE OF WHAT?  Do you hope you can get a job to support your family, OR do you hope some new government department will shovel money your way so you can make more babies and not pay for them?  Do you hope you can live better, or do you hope the government will pay for your insurance so you can be as self-abusive and self-destructive as you want because somebody else is paying for the consequences?  Hoping to be able to screw other people out of their earnings is a hope I hope you never achieve.

Change™ WHAT?   Change™ from Bush era to the Chavez era?  The Gorbachev era?  The Stalin era?  Did the f-ing idiots who ate this slogan like Pavlov's dog everytime Obama rang the "Change™" bell ever, EVER really consider what the change was going INTO?  From the USA to the USSA.  From a freedom-loving country to a Socialist/Communist state.   Let's make sure the CHANGE™ is from you controlling your life, to the government doing it for you.  From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.  Steal from the capable to support the incapable.  Change™ from rewarding industrious work and a strong work ethic to blessing thievery and the unwillingness to support oneself.  This the the Change™ progressives want- distributing the wealth the way a pursesnatcher distributes the contents of a woman's stolen wallet.

"Yes We Can!™"   Sounds strong, doesn't it?  It has "We", so it's inclusive.  "Yes", so it's positive. And "Can", so it implies action.   "Yes We Can!™"   Yup.  CAN WHAT???  A mob can do a lot- loot a store, burn down a building, lynch a human, cause a neighborhood riot, blow up a bus/train/market/school...   "Yes We Can!™"   We can totally screw up this country by allowing freeloaders to destroy the self-motivation of the truly capable, the skilled.   "Yes We Can!™" is the hedonistic cattle call used by Obama to empower millions of leeches to crawl from their slime pits and invade the check books of hard-working citizens.   Every person who felt they deserved what other people have, the envious, the covetous, they got empowered.  "Yes We Can!™" steal and say it's re-distributing the wealth, "Yes We Can!™" enslave and say it's for your own good that they put the yoke upon your shoulders.

There's one thing Obama didn't tell his followers to do:  Think.  Don't do that.  Just listen, believe, repeat, Hope™ for Change™ because, as Hamas discovered in elections in Palestine, "Yes We Can!™" win when we appeal to the lowest common denominator and make them feel as if their self-inflicted status is all someone else's fault.  And the beauty of it is, you don't have to think.   Obama and his teleprompter will do that for you.

That made him popular.  It made him President.  And it makes him and his devotees, the condescending morally-bankrupt thieves running the Democratic cabal, into a powerhouse of iniquity.  

Am I bitter?  You bet.  And I hope that both parties suffer miserable losses in the upcoming elections.  Conservative values- as in, I won't bug you, you don't bug me, we'll get along, will keep us from the nightmare that's our current adminstative juggernaut.

I hope.  I just don't expect.  Because the one think progressives, and the guilty, don't want to do is Think.

Monday, November 9, 2009

All You Need is Love™, la la la la la

Love.  It's a beautiful thing.  It can heal emotional wounds.  It makes a marriage into something more holy.  It helps raise children into sound, productive people.

BUT, don't get confused.

Love™ is what idiots confess as the rule for them to steal from you. 

Love™ for your fellow man, no matter how much of a schmuck/moron/self-destructive idiot/lazy slug he or she is, is the rule that narcissists use to prove how good they are as they take your income, the product of the hours of your life, and give it to people who don't deserve it.

Love™ is what morally bankrupt gurus use to lead you into their theft-generated cabal.  They soothe you with the sound of it, repeat it like a brain-numbing mantra, then enforce it with guns and clubs. 

Love™ is the current quicksand where our government leads us.  Lemmings to a cliff? Nothing so dramatic.   Their Love™ will suck you down into ground you thought was solid.  Sorry- the former bedrock of your success, of this country's rise to a freedom envied and hated by the rest of the world (because they can't/won't do it), has been made porous and weak with Love™. 

If you really love your fellow man, leave the leeches in their ponds and cesspools rather than drag them into the homes of everyone where they can feed off everyone.  If you really love your fellow man, protect his/her right to make an income, to live in freedom, to give to whomever they wish according to their values and ethics. 

All you need is love.   And a job.  And a work ethic.  And the wilingness to do what it takes to succeed.  And the self-discipline to not put yourself into stupid-ass situations.   And the ability to pass on this morally decent attitude to your children.

And all you should despise and resist, is Love™.   Don't let idiots hit your emotional triggers with their Love™.   Because, Love™ is only the ability to control your pocketbook, and your future.  That's all these looters want.  All THEY need is Love™, because they won't work for themselves.

Your Money = Earned by the Hours of Your Life.

The unicorn and rainbows crowd has no problem stealing it.  All for the sake of their Love™.  

Welcome to the true face of hate.   They hate you because you have what they don't.